The Elder Scrolls IV – Overburdened

I’ve recently returned to Oblivion on 360 after originally admitting defeat over a ridiculously punishing difficulty spike. This time around I’m faring far better. The one downside I can see at the moment is that due to my penchant for picking over he corpses of dead demons (and my fallen comrades) I regularly find myself over-encumbered and unable to move without playing the which-entirely-vital-items-do-I-jettison game.

My boyfriend – who finds my gaming to be quite the spectator sport – tries to give me the benefit of his experience however we have conflicting value systems resulting in the following type of conversations:

Him: You could get rid of that cheese wedge.
Me: It might come in handy.
Him: What about the potato?
Me: I’m saving it for later.
Him: Well at least get rid of the shovels!
Me: I might need to do digging.
Him: With two shovels?
Me: Lots of digging?
Him: What’s that heavy thing there?
Me: I’m not getting rid of my bear pelt.
Him: And what are those?! You have three wolf pelts?!
Me: They’re spares.
Him: You’ve never even worn those pigskin shoes.
Me: Well by that logic I should get rid of my mythic hood and my paintbrush!

Virtual life is so complicated!


One response to “The Elder Scrolls IV – Overburdened

  1. Haha funny, I play oblivion but on the pc, I get addicted to mods and have a bottomless bag so I can stash as much junk as I want without being overcumbered. Problem is I spend more time adding mods or lookign at new mods or installing new mods than I do actually playing the game.

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