World Cup = NOT a licence to behave like a twat. Unfortunately nice weather, multiple beers, and a far better result than England deserved meant that (while the majority of well/moderately well behaved fans passed largely under my radar) there were more than a few idiots shouting suggestions at female passers-by. On a street where I'm usually lucky if someone notices they just bumped into me I got two half hearted pick up lines, some sort of lewd noise, and a shout of “Oi, yeah love – you!” at which point I lost my temper and shouted back “Piss off”. That's actually quite out of character for me as a whole but follows on from this morning when yet another wanker and his mate drove down the hill next to me blowing one of those deafening air-horns. They were on the receiving end of a choice few vast number of yelled insults :/

I dunno. It's the same old thing of “any excuse for a piss up/celebration/confrontation” that means everyone gets tarred with the same brush. Football fans aren't all hooligans but I find myself loathing the game and everything to do with it because of this crap. I also know that it wasn't at all sensible to yell back at them. Better to keep walking and not risk a scene or worse but not much I can do about that now.

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