So last night was sprawled across my bed watching Spongebob and eating Jaffa Cakes. When he had gone back to his room I discovered that the chocolate which has been crumbling off the Jaffa Cakes was on my white sheets and melting slowly into them making it look like I had some sort of secret poo-in-the-bed thing going on. So I marched into his room to tell him that this was unacceptable behaviour…

I was about to leave his after giving a piece of my mind when I realised that I was wearing nothing but my vest and pants and the furious self-righteousness which had carried me effortlessly and confidently along the corridor and across the hall had been replaced by acute self-consciousness and a slight chill. After two aborted attempts I managed to return to my room having totally undermined my annoyance and ate the rest of the Jaffa Cakes.


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